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Sarp & Tugce August 2018

"Best photographer ever!


 We met Sandra through a friend and hired her for a surprise event (a proposal!) where she had to pretend she wasn’t a photographer so my fiance wouldn’t catch on. Well, we were so amazed by her photos that we asked her to shoot our wedding in London. She was so kind and helpful, but believe me, when we saw the pictures we were astonished! Sandra likes to catch the moment instead of creating an artificial scene and i think this is what she is strongest at. We never looked for another photographer after we met her. Later on we invited her to our second wedding ceremony in Turkey and we were so happy that she accepted. We now have over 1,000 photos taken by her and each one is so precious for us. If you are looking for a photographer to catch your most important moments I think that Sandra Reddin is the only name you need to know."

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