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Q. How do you work on the day?

My style is documentary which means capturing the day as it unfolds. I don’t like to choreograph too much as I’m constantly on the look out for real moments and candid shots. I can herd when needed however but I keep that to a minimum and let everyone get on with enjoying the day. I’ll pretty much know minute by minute what’s going to happen which means I can relax and really look around me. 

I’m quite gung ho and I enjoy the bizarre as well as the traditional. I will be the one up ladders and leaning out of windows to get my shot. I’ve snapped couples doing all sorts including playing golf, rowing a boat, and buying ice cream from a van. Great fun!

Q. How long have you been photographing weddings?

I started shooting weddings about 10 years ago. I’ve lost count of how many it is now but I must have photographed over 150.

Q. Can you pencil us in / hold our date?

Unfortunately no. Due to the number of enquiries I receive your wedding date is only secure once you've paid the £400 booking fee.

Q. How long do we have to wait for the photos?

I aim to deliver images within 4 weeks, sometimes earlier, but it depends on my workload. I will email a selection of teaser images within 48hrs and keep you updated of my progress.

Q. How do we receive the images? 

You will receive all of your images in high and low resolution on my lovely wooden USB. 

Whilst your USB is winging it’s way over I will also upload your images to a gallery where you can view, share and order prints if you wish.

Q. Will you visit the venue before the wedding day?

I will visit a venue if I think there is something about the running of the day that isn’t clear otherwise but generally speaking I don’t need to. I’ve photographed in some venues more than once but if it’s the first time I’ve been there it works better for me if I’m seeing it with fresh eyes. I might call the venue to have a chat beforehand about which areas I can access, if I can borrow a ladder etc but I’d rather wait until the wedding day and let my creative juices run wild!

Q. We want lots of group photos, you can do that right?

I’m one of those photographers who firmly believes in the formal photos. I think they are a lovely record of who was there on the day, what everyone was wearing etc. I do recommend keeping the list as short as possible though or it will eat into your time with your guests. I generally tell couples to allow 4 minutes per group and work back from there.

Q. I hate having my photo taken. Will this be a big problem when we do the portraits?

Very few people would actually say they enjoy having their portrait taken but, hand on heart, most couples end up loving it. I’ve found that letting people relax and be themselves mostly does the trick, but shooting way back with a long lens also helps! On the day the couple are so happy and smiley anyway they are putty in my hands.

But I would recommend a pre wedding shoot with me as it will definitely help with photos on the day. It’s my favourite shoot and a great opportunity to get rid of any camera nerves. Click here for details.

Q. How do we pay the final balance?

The balance needs to be paid at least 4 weeks before the wedding date, and is a bank transfer to my account.

 Q. Are you insured?

Yes, for both public liability and professional indemnity.

 Q. What is your advice if it rains on the day?


I’d say bring some nice umbrellas just in case then carry on regardless. The weather will do it’s thing but it’s never going to spoil the day, well never in my experience, and sometimes it makes for great photos.

  Q. Can you make an album for us?


Yes. I offer a range of beautiful fine art albums which can also be added to your package.

 Q. What is your No.1 wedding planning tip?


Buy plenty of confetti! order 3 times what you think then you should have enough!

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