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About me


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Hi, I’m Sandra

I used to be in the beauty business and had my own salon in central London so I guess you could say that I've always looked closely at people. But I didn't really pick up a camera seriously until a bit later after I'd gone on to study languages. This led to a lot of travel and many years living abroad including Paris, which is where it all began.

I did of course always love taking photographs but being in Paris increased the desire to take better pictures. This was where I was lucky enough to study with a really great American photographer. She would send us off with a roll of film to pound the streets then carefully appraised every single photo we took!

My travels also took me to Russia where I was invited to photograph pilgrimage with a historian friend of mine. This is an ongoing project which will eventually become a book and is due to be published by Routledge.

In the meantime my confidence in portraiture was getting noticed and people began to ask me to cover weddings, which seemed like an entirely natural progression. At this point I feel I must mention that I'm the youngest of six girls and weddings were a huge and happy part of my childhood; all through my teens one of my sisters was either announcing their engagement or getting married and I was often asked to be bridesmaid.

I think this explains why I love weddings so much and photographing them really is the best job in the world!

I'm a member of the nationally recognised SWPP and BPPA.

When I'm not behind a camera I can be found on my houseboat or baking a cake. I probably drink too much coffee as I'm frequently tempted by cosy cafes. I also have two fantastic teenage sons who still like to hang out with me on occasion so I count myself very lucky.

Please have a good look round my site and if you like what you see I'd be happy to hear from you.